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Primus Pilus 2017's focus is to develop firearms training and support the UK, Swiss & European Sports Shooting scene.


Primus Pilus is fully operated by former Instructors of the UK Armed Forces, experiences from Internal Security Operations & Maritime Special Operations. We have credible cliental that dictate & demand the very best in procedures, efficiency & professional standards that we deliver without compromise. 2017 our focus is to personally develop and support the UK, Swiss & European Sports Shooting scene.

Specialist Training Services:

Primus Pilus specialises in Tactical Firearms Training, working with clients from the UK, Europe and Switzerland. Additionally providing optional courses in Israel.

Licences and Accreditations:

NRA Firearms Instructors
NRA Range Safety Officers
NRA Pistol Instructors
NRA Rifle Instructors
NRA Shotgun Instructors
Monadnock Police Training Council (USA)
Non Lethal Systems Instructors
Monadnock Extendable Baton Advanced Instructors
Oleoresin Capsicum Aerosol Instructors
Monadock Defensive Tactics Instructors
Control & Restraint, Handcuffing Instructors
General Dynamics SIMUNITION FX Scenarios Instructors
General Dynamics SIMUNITION Product Trainers
General Dynamics SIMUNITION Safety Trainers
Progressive Fighting Systems accredited
British Army Skill at Arms Instructors.

All courses are in English, basic high German is also spoken. All ammunition & equipment is provided.

The courses are: [link will take you to Primus Pilus’s main secure website]

Integrated Shooting Program ISP. *Conducted in CH*

Our apex product developed in 2005 and combining premium systems and innovative levels of safety and performance. The ISP Firearms training class is a custom course that will include select special elements in addition to the core subjects over 3 days of complex shooting drills. Focused on IDPA & IPSC shooting stages. Certificated course. 27 Hours

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Advanced Pistol Concepts APC. *Conducted in CH*

Advanced Pistol Concepts, a new course of fire that brings the fundamentals upto the advanced to intermediate level. Intensive, relentless and guaranteed to make you bleed. Broken down into eight steps, the core focus is accuracy and safety and proper handling skills in complex shooting stages. Distances increases to outside of 50m. Aimed at all skill levels, this course is designed to make you a better shooter. Focused on IDPA & IPSC shooting stages. Certificated course. 18 Hours.

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Uncertain Environments Training UET *Conducted in Israel*

Specific training and preparations due to the fact that the world is becoming more hostile and extremely complex and now more than ever they are essential for life in Swiss, European and UK cities. Conducted over 8 days in accordance with the State of Israel’s Ministry of Defence with our premier industry friends, former members of AMAN – Israeli Military Intelligence – YAMAS – Israeli Border Police elite undercover terrorist hunters – backed by experiences and knowledges gained in one of the most diverse political and cultural region in the world.

The UET is vital for anyone wishing to increase their security awareness and skills whilst living a normal everyday life in a changing and paranoid world. Certificated Course. 96 Hours.

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Tel: (UK) +44 1432 598049